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Fire Alarm System

We offer an extensive range of fire alarm products & services.

Fire can devastate property, businesses and lives, so ensuring that you have adequate fire protection in place at all times is vital to upholding safety. We supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire safety products at premises throughout Bangalore.

Our highly experienced team of industry experts are also on hand to assess the fire protection needs of your property, providing the appropriate recommendations based on the requirements of the environment.

fire alarm

Our expert team are on hand to provide advice and assistance as to the best alarm system for your needs.


We Provide fire alarm systems

KRSNA SOUND & SECURE ensuring that your premises is adequately protected from the threat of fire is not only vital for the safety of your staff and visitors, but is also a legal requirement for all businesses. Our services have developed into sophisticated multi-layer security services and products. The ultimate high performance optical smoke, heat and carbon monoxide multi-sensor technology, provides a formidable weapon in the pursuit of reliable fire detection and the avoidance of unwanted or false alarms.

We can offer a variety of solutions if this has become a problem for you ranging from evaluating system settings to reviewing detection type and suitability. We can also offer Remote Diagnostics facilities so we can view events as they happen to keep disruption and cost to a minimum.

We provide best and advanced fire alarm systems

Specialising in all aspects of fire safety within your premises

Being able to offer complete fire safety products and services. We had share our approach when it comes to providing you with fire safety equipment and services, giving you a better understanding of what to expect.

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